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Black, white & silver Resin Tray

Black, white & silver Resin Tray

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Resin looks like glass but is very durable and light weight.

These handmade Resin Trays make the perfect addition to any table setting or coffee table. They are as beautiful as pictured and are also very hearty and can withstand hot and cold beverages alike. However, use care when you put a very hot beverage on them as your cup might stick slightly to the tray causing it to stick.

If you have any special requests for colours (I can make them glow in the dark!) or shapes please let me know. I can accommodate almost any colour combinations. Customisation will add 3-5 days to your ship time for me to make them. I will send you a picture of the coasters before I ship them to make sure you are happy with the final product. For customisation limited to colours, there is no additional cost.

I pride myself in trying to make everything as perfect as they can be, these are handmade so I can’t prevent small imperfections such as small air bubbles or being slightly different thicknesses as they are made in different moulds to make a full set.

Not one Tray is the same as resin pours different every time so everyone is unique so might be slightly different to listing picture.

Free Delivery within the UK

Tray Care:
Trays are durable and can be washed by hand, do not put in the dishwasher or use coarse pads for cleaning. Do not store in excessively hot temperatures as it may cause the coasters to bow over time.

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